Dawa Singh Tarang

Operations Officer

I have been associated with Sushi Central for the past 5 years. I have seen the brand growing from 2013 and the positivity among the team is beyond words. Looking at the journey, I have grown so much both professionally and personally. Today I am taking care of the branch operations and work flows.


Chef Francis Litub

Head Chef

Every day is challenging as head chef. We need to design menu that enhance customers culinary experience while keeping up high quality. Hiring, training and managing staff about proper kitchen sanitization methods.  Every day challenge helped me to grow professionally and personally. Thanks to Sushi Central and team who helped me as an individual  to grow.


Philip Conrad De Jesus

Call Center Supervisor 

As a Call Center Supervisor of Sushi Central, answering questions from customers and providing them assistance. The most challenging part of my job is customer relationship and managing internal feedback but it help us to perform better everyday. Thanks to Sushi Central, not only am I improving everyday work flow but becoming a better leader.


Chef Prakash Thapa

Chef De Partie

Throughout the six years of working experience in Sushi Central, every moment I spend as a chef is incredible and very close to my heart, I feel proud of being a part of Sushi Central family which has supportive management, and great working team.


Noemi Calbayar

Mina Branch Supervisor

My role is most challenging yet exciting. I have to oversee all front and back of the house restaurant operations. Ensuring every customer satisfaction though excellent service and responding to customer complaints tactfully is my every day work. And the same time need to maintain quality control for all the food served. Trust me, each evaluation and feedback not only helped me grow but also helped my team to grow. I love my work because every day is challenging and they energy at work is super positive.



Central Kitchen Manager

Every day is challenging at central kitchen. We not only cater for the online orders for our branch,  we also prepare the supply for all our other branches. The work becomes double at central kitchen but fun. The kind of knowledge of product we learn at central kitchen is immense. I have been associated with the brand from last 6 years and seen the brand growing. My job is not just monitoring the staff but also training them on products, hygiene and presentation. We at Sushi Central, not only grow individually but help others to grow as well. We work as a team.



Dubai Branch Supervisor

I joined Sushi Central in 2016, I am now taking care of Dubai Branch operations. It’s still a new branch and each day is a new learning from the team and management as well as understanding the local market. I have seen myself grow each passing day. The work is exciting yet challenging.